Our brands

We are strategically focused on the production and positioning of our brands. We constantly invest in their development, expanding product lines and developing innovative formulas in line with the latest market trends in the cosmetics and chemical industry.

Bobini Baby

The Bobini Baby product line is recommended for the care of babies and children from the first days of life. The brand’s portfolio includes washing and care cosmetics, wet wipes, washing liquids and softener concentrates. The cosmetics ensuring gentle care are additionally characterized by a high content of ingredients of natural origin. Laundry products guarantee that children’s clothes are clean and fresh.

Bobini Kids

The Bobini Kids brand is dedicated to the care of children over 1 year of age. This line consists of bath cosmetics, oral hygiene products and general hygiene items. Thanks to high-quality ingredients and engaging graphics, the products meet the requirements of both adults and children. The recognition among consumers is reflected in the awards that Bobini wins in Poland and abroad. The brand is a laureate in South Korea—Korea Consumer Appraisal Brand and 2020 Korea Consumer’s Top Brand Award. In Poland, the washing and bathing line and the Bobini Kids antibacterial soap won the Children’s Brand of the Year 2020 award.


Cleansing cosmetics with a care function based on natural extracts from plants from around the world. The brand includes product lines (for men and women) that are diversified in terms of function and formulas. In 2020, the brand was enriched with an antibacterial line: sanitizing gels and sprays, liquid soaps.


A brand of cosmetics consisting of 99 percent components of natural origin. The vegan formula of the Botanical line has been enriched with flower hydrolates with exceptional care properties. BIOPHEN cosmetics are perfect for sensitive skin, highly biodegradable and packed in recyclate bottles. The botanical line, which consists of three types of shower gels and three types of liquid soaps, was the first to appear in the range.


Thanks to their strength and effectiveness, Kret products have been synonymous with the category of unclogging for decades. The brand remains the undisputed leader of the category (based on research on the value of the AC Nielsen drainage system 2019-2020). It specializes in three segments: specialized cleaning agents for unclogging pipes, products for cleaning and refreshing toilets and a line of biodegradable agents for toilets.


Series of liquids and fabric softening concentrates. The products protect the fabrics fibers, maintaining their elasticity and resilience. They make the fabrics soft, delicate to the touch and smell beautiful. Currently, the brand is also complemented by washing liquids with color protection technology.


A line of cleaning agents intended for keeping households clean. The brand includes agents based on modern formulas that effectively deal with various types of dirt. The agents are recommended for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. Can be used for terracotta, glaze, enamel and chrome surfaces.


Export is one of the key pillars of our development strategy. We are constantly opening new markets, both in terms of cooperation with distributors, as well as under direct trade agreements with international retail clients. We export our products to over 40 countries, reaching millions of consumers around the world.


Private brands

Why is it worth entrusting us with the manufacture of private brands?

– Comprehensive solutions in marketing, research and development.
– A wide portfolio of cosmetic products and household chemicals.

– Individually tailored solutions and quick implementations.



A new line of products for professional disinfection of hands and surfaces—IZOZID. Disinfectant available in liquid and gel form, has virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. IZOZID products are intended for hygienic and surgical hand sanitizing and surface disinfection—including medical equipment. With a view to wide use in medical and public facilities, IZOZID products are available in many packaging options, including high-volume ones.